Cuckold Phone Sex

DS3_6203Hey there shrimp dick I’m a cheating slut who could never be faithful to a little cock like yours.  That is why I found myself a man with a huge cock that knows how to satisfy a girl.  You can just me my little cuckold while you watch me get satisfied by a real man!


I parade him around in front of you, and I tell you both to take your cocks out.  You are embarrassed your face gets all red at the prospect of having your cock out for comparison next to someone who is so well endowed.  Your cock is truly inadequate in comparison. I tell you to go sit in the corner like a good little cuckold and you can watch me be fucked like the size queen cock whore that I am!

He bends me over in front of you and takes me like a bitch in heat ramming that huge cock into my tight little pussy.  I can feel it stretching to make way for his giant cock.  I tell you to start playing with that little cock of yours while I’m moaning from pleasure from the huge one inside of me.  We laugh at you and tell you maybe you can fuck my stretched out pussy when he’s done.  I probably wouldn’t even feel your little prick then.  You are begging me to let you cum, but I’m not sure you’ve been the best little cuckold.


Call me!  Maybe I’ll play nice and let you cum.  Either way I’m sure you’ll be cumming back for more!




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